Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus stop branding is an incredible outlet for advertising to seize the awareness of all kinds of people who are travelling out of their homes, not just those who are waiting for transport at bus stop benches, but also for pedestrians walking on the footpaths or passing in their vehicles too. It targets all the sections of society, especially, the middle and lower sections of society.

A high audience percentage with a low price is yet another wonderful benefit of using bus shelters for advertising. The quantity of advertisements for bus shelters is enormous, the arrival ratio is high, and the promotion impact is good. The price is moderately low compared to the other types of advertisement. Irreplaceability of location is one of the major benefits of bus shelter branding.

(1) Bus Shelter Advertising

Benefits of Lamppost Advertising

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Captivating the masses to go
  • Target-oriented Advertising
  • Eye-catching design and structure creation for branding
  • Major metropolitan areas nationally

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